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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MNS Family Day and Kayak Adventure. Additional information.Only for paid up MNS Members

Dear all,

In case you like to join the Kajak trip on 2 May here are the details. 

1. We can take 30 persons kayaking. Each kayak seats 2 persons.We provide the life vests.
Kayaking is suitable for beginners but we prefer that they are comfortable in water and know how to swim. Non swimmers and children below 12 have their picnic on a sandy river bank while waiting for the kayakers to come in and join them for picnic lunch.

2. Price is special for MNS members only. Rm80 for adult and Rm40 for children below 12 yrs old.
However, for safety of the group, we do not allow more than 4 children(10 - 12 yrs) per kayak trip.
Children below 10 years are not recommended for kayaking but they can join group 2 (picnic only)

    Price quoted is for kayaking only. Those who do not go kayaking do not have to pay but also have to sign the indemnity form.Parents are also responsible      for their kids. Please provide your own transport, food and drinks ( both Group 1 & 2).

3. We can meet up at 800am at the car park of  Kota Padawan Pitcher Plant Center at 10th Mile.
Drive 1 1/2 hr. to Kpg. Bengoh ( kayak starting point). Group 2 can see the launching of kayak adventure then proceed to Kpg. Semadang( ending point&  picnic place). 
Adults in Group 2 can help to send the cars back to ending point. 

 Itinerary :
  • 800 am     Leave Kota Padawan Pitcher Plant Center 10 Mile. Be on time otherwise you have to find your own way to the place
  • 930 am     Arrive Kpg. Bengoh. Safety & Paddling Instructions
  • 1000am    Kayaking Starts ( Group 1)
  • Group 2 drive to Kpg Semadang( ending point). Park the vehicles at car park.
  • 1100 am   Group 2 trek for 15 mins to picnic place at 'Big Rock' sandy river bank.
  • Swimming/picnic/BBQ ( on your own arrangement). Please arrange your own 'life guards' to oversee the swimming.
  • 100pm     Kayakers( Group 1 ) arrive at Big Rock join Group 2  for picnic lunch etc.
  • Group 2 can try out kayaking around the sandy bank. Wearing of life vests is mandatory for all.
  • 2 -3 pm   Time flexible/ end of trip.

  • Insect Repellent, Sun Protection lotion, a Hat. Wear t-shirt, shorts or tights over swim wear.Extra set of clothing (leave in your car).
  • Wear sandals or slippers. * There are sandflies at the river bank. Please bring protection.
  • Wearing longsleeves and long pants recommended. Do not wear jeans as they are uncomfortable when wet.
  • Your own first-aid kit 
  • Your own food and drinks.

We reserve the right to postpone/cancel the trip if the Weather and River conditions are not safe for kayaking or swimming. 

Deadline to  register and payment is 27 April at 5 PM. at De Summit Condo, Lorong B4 (BDC)  Please call me (Cynthia) 019-8364231 to make arrangements. We also need your IC/Passport number,HP no for our indemnity form and you can sign it when you pay for the trip at my place.
Payment for kayakers is RM80 (Cash only)(MNS  paid up Members only),non MNS Members that join their MNS friend have to pay RM170.

If you need more information about this trip don't hesitate to ask and write to mnskuching@gmail.com 

 Please let us know asap if you want to go kayaking as we can only take a limited number(30) of kayakers.

 Love Life, Love Nature.

Kwan,Sunita &Cynthia

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