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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Additional info on Kayak trip

Dear all,

We spoke to the person in charge of the Kayaking to check the price for not members. This is in case a member would like to take a friend or relative as their companion. It will be RM 170  with no exception for spouses if the member doesn't have a family membership.
If you want to take more than 1 non member they will be on a waiting list unless they do not intend to go kayaking but just for the swim and picnic.We give priority to our paying members first.

Deadline for payment is 27 April till 5 p.m. Do phone before you come to pay 019-8364231(Cynthia) at De Summit Condo, Lorong B4 (BDC). If you prefer to pay to Sunita  do call her first at 012-4370050. She is located at Hui Sing Garden. However, she will be away (in Perak) from the 16th till 30th April.

We will send those that are confirmed an email by next week. Please reconfirm once you receive the email for kayaking (Group 1) or picnic  only (Group 2), your details ie. your IC or Passport no and HP number.

Cynthia and Sunita

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