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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Birdwatching in Sarawak Brochure

Dear Members

We are pleased to  inform you that MNSKB has produced a brochure on
 Bird Watching in Sarawak in collaboration with Sarawak Tourism Board in early January 2017. The brochure was sponsored and supported by Sarawak Tourism Board.  The full text and images are attached herewith.

We would like to  acknowledge and record a vote of thanks to Kuching Branch members,  Hans Hazebroek and Chien Chi'en Lee for co-producing the text and design of the brochure and use of their bird photos.   We also appreciate Kuching Branch member,  Yeo Siew Teck for his invaluable advice and input on the brochure.

Au Nyat Jun
MNS Kuching Branch