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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Talk on Waste Management

Dear Members & Friends,

Disposal of solid waste is a major environmental concern in Sarawak. Types of waste include residential, industrial (Samalaju Industrial Park), commercial, construction, demolition and wood waste from timber processing.

Presently about 2.187 metric tonnes per day of municipal wastes are collected and landfilled in Sarawak.There is no separation of waste at source but people can do it on a voluntary basis. There is a limited infrastructure for recycling. 
Besides landfills, there are no less than 39 open dumps in Sarawak where solid wastes are collected and landfilled by local aulthorities. Some villagers who live outside the jurisdiction of the local authorities, throw rubbish into the river, causing water pollution.

Do we continue to rely on landfills?  In order to prevent and avoid waste, we can  Reduce, Repair,  Reuse and Recycle.  Sarawak needs to turn wastes into a valuable resource.  We throw away a lot of food – organic wastes form 40% of the waste, which  can be recycled into fertilizers, for example.

 Come and find out more  at our Public Awareness Talk:- 
 Topic: Waste Management
 By: Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd
Date:        Friday 5th May 2017
Time:        7.30pm
Venue:     Citrus 1, 5th Floor, Limetree Hotel, Jalan Padungan Kuching
Cost:      Free of Charge. You may walk in and bring your friends.
Registration: MNSKB Members, please register with Secretariat at 

Trienekens manages Kuching Waste Management Park Mambong landfill, which  is one of the 8 sanitary landfills in Sarawak  where municipal and scheduled wastes, including hazardous and pathological wastes,  are treated and landfilled.
Best regards,
Cynthia Lobato

Monday, April 10, 2017

Talk on Solid Waste & Air Pollution

Dear Members & Friends,

It is everyone’s responsibility  to keep our environment clean and healthy.
Who sets the guidelines?  Are there any policies on segregation of waste? 
What about pollution in our rivers that affect  humans, marine life  and wildlife?
Are we breathing in polluted air?
Come and find out at our Public Awareness Talk:-

Title:        Solid Waste & Air Pollution

Speaker:  Mr Peter Sawal

Date:        Wednesday 19th April 2017
Time:        7.00pm
Venue:      Citrus 1, 5th Floor, Limetree Hotel, Jalan Padungan Kuching
 Cost:       Free of Charge.  You may walk in and bring your friends.
  • Registration:  MNSKB Members, please register with Secretariat at 

Mr Peter Sawal has been the   Controller of  Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) Sarawak since 2009. He  has  many years of working experience with State agencies in Sarawak. He has presented numerous environmental-related papers at state, national and international conferences. He is involved in  environment, waste and coastal zone management.
Many people are not aware of toxic waste, clinical waste,  industrial waste and construction waste, and how these are managed. People outside the local councils’ jurisdiction do not have proper waste disposal  facilities and continue to throw rubbish into the rivers, thus polluting them.
Cynthia Lobato
MNSKB Committee