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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pencinta Alam

Dear Members,

Please be informed that the Nov 2013 newsletter is out.  You can download a copy from http://www.mns.my/file_dir/119451148352678cb03e201.pdf

·         Green Living Activity Report: Turtle Volunteer Programme 2013
·         Hornbill Volunteer Programme 2013 – Volunteers shared their insights on the programme
·         Green Living Column – Seafood and Fish: Sustainability and Safety
·         MNS Photography Quarterly Competition
·         Wild Tiger Run **
·         Eco Kids – 6 super Easy Ways to Go Green
·         Calendar of Activities
·         Membership Matters
·         Kelab Pencinta Alam for Youths
** Please take note that the Wild Tiger Run date printed on the newsletter is incorrect.  The correct date is 9th November 2013 (SAT).  For more information, please log on to www.malayantiger.net

Monday, October 28, 2013


Nature walk
KUCHING: Festival goers will be spoilt for choice at the coming Santubong Nature Festival.

There will be activities for all and the young at heart from easy-going heritage and nature walks, to adrenaline rush bike race, kayaking, night photography and night walk, eco-fashion contest, youth concerts and charity auction.

These activities will be take place concurrently at eco-resort Permai Rainforest Resort and Damai Central in Sanbutong on 9th and 10th November, 2013.

The Malaysian Nature Society Kuching Branch (MNSKB) is co-organising the Santubong Nature Festival with Permai Rainforest Resort. The inaugural event is supported by Friends of Sarawak Museum (FoSM), Sarawak Heritage Society (SHS), Sarawak Museum, Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd, LimKokWing Institute of Creative Technology, UCSI University, SSPCA and Damai Central, to name a few.

Participation to this festival is free but certain activities required pre-registration due to limited seats, while firefly watching that required rental of boats a fee of RM50 will be imposed per child/adult.

On Saturday (Nov 9), nature talks will take place at Permai Rainforest Resort’s conference room starting at 2pm. The speakers comprise a senior geologist from the Geological Department Sarawak Mr. Henry Litong who will speak on Geology of Santubong; wildlife photographer and biologist Mr. Chi’en Chien Lee on The Carnivorous Plants of Santubong (2.30pm); social scientist Tengku Hilda Tengku Ahmad on Santubong Stonehenge (3pm); writer and teacher Mr. Tom McLaughlin on Chinese Settlers In Santubong (3.30pm); ecologist with SFC Mr. Rambli Ahmad on Defining Wallce’s Line (4pm); and researcher and entomologist with UNIMAS Mr. Ikhwan Idris on Butterflies & Moths of Santubong (4.30pm).

An indoor 30-minute talk by herpetologist Mr. Hans Breuer, introducing forest
creatures of the night will be held at 7.30pm and to be followed by a night walk which will take 90 minutes.

The first nature walk  starts at 2pm  guided by Datin Dr Katherine Pearce, a botanist and forest ecologist.  For those interested in the geology of Santubong, Mr. Hans Hazebroek who is a geologist, author and professional photographer will give a hands geology walk at 2.30pm after Mr. Henry Litong’s talk.
Archaeological site at Sungai Jaong 

At 3.30pm, there will be a 90-minute Santubong Heritage Walk which is a a visit to some archaeological & historical sites in Santubong, led by Karen Shepherd, Sarawak Heritage Society. Shuttle departs Permai and early registration is required.

There will be workshops on photography with a professional photographer, Mr. John Arifin, from Singapore at 2pm at Permai. The second workshop is on night photography which will be conducted outdoors and this starts at 7pm. Registration required.

For those children age three to 18 years old, there will be games station conducted by UCSI University students at Permai starting from 2pm onwards.

The three-hour Night Kayaking Experience along the coast of Santubong with trained
Professionals starts at 5.30pm. All equipment supplied but early registration is required.

Depending on the weather, a two-hour guided boat tour to observe the firefly colonies along Sungai Buntal will start at 6.30pm. Registration is required, on a first-come-first-served basis. Intending participants are to pay RM50 per adult/child.

At Damai Central, festival goers are invited to visit local bazaar booths set up by various organisations and local community around Santubong with a variety of merchandise and goods. The bazaar will be opened for the whole day and on Sunday, from 9am to 2pm .

At the same venue on Saturday, a musical treat by the AZAM Young Souls Musical Group will take place at 2pm onwards.  This group showcases busking by youth, and will move all over the venue, with breaks.

At 6.30pm is the Trienekens Eco-Fashion Contest featuring participants from colleges and secondary schools.  

Open Mic featuring Malaysian vocalist and songwriter Amir Yussof will take place at Escobar Bar and Grill at 9pm. Open Mic is an evening of music celebrating Santubong, brought to you by Sarawak Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA).

On Sunday, the nature talks continue at 9am with the first speaker talking on Oriental Pied Hornbills at Piasau Camp, Miri by MNS Miri Branch chairman & SFC honorary wildlife ranger Mr. Musa Musbah; , a bird specialist and environmental consultant, based in Penang Mr Dave Bakewell will speak on Surveying Migratory Waterbirds In Sarawak (9.30am); head of Protected areas Biodiversity Conservation Sarawak Forestry Corporation & and MNS Council member Mr. Oswald Braken Tisen on Endangered Animas & Enforcement in Sarawak (10am); and TRAFFIC Southeast Asia senior programme officer and MNS Council Ms. Kanitha Krishnasamy and senior communications officer Ms. Elizabeth John will speak on Illegal Wildlife Trade In Malaysia (10.30am).

The Santubong Heritage Walk led by Karen Shepherd from SHS starts at 11am. Shuttle departs Permai carpark and early registration is required.

At 9am, a walk in the forest guided by Datin Dr Katherine Pearce ecologist. The one hour walk will take participants through the forest trails in Permai Rainforest Resort.

At 8am is  the Race through Time which is a bicycle treasure hunt around Santubong assisted by Kooch Cycling Club. Exciting prizes are to be won and those interested are to register early. RM60 per participant.

UCSI University’s  Games Station offering great prizes will be opened from 9am to noon. Registration required.

For more registration, email to mnskuching@gmail.com or  visit www.facebook.com/SantubongNatureFestival or http://santubongnaturefestival.blogspot.com/ for more updates on the festival.


To raise public awareness of the priceless natural and historical – local and global - heritage value of the Santubong Peninsula; to advocate for a holistic and integrated approach to development and management of the area  safeguarding its unique landscape, biodiversity and historical assets; to showcase the tourism and recreational potential of the natural and cultural values of the Santubong Peninsula; to stimulate reflection on responsible and sustainable further management of the peninsula and its surroundings; and to created environmental awareness and value among our public especially our young ones.

The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) is the oldest environmental NGO in Malaysia. Its mission aims at promoting the study, appreciation, conservation and protection of Malaysia’s natural heritage. It was formed in 1941. MNS Kuching Branch or MNSKB was set up in 1996.


Operating since 1990, Permai Rainforest Resort is an eco-resort set in pristine Borneo rainforest located on the shores of the South China Sea, and at the foot of mystical Mount Santubong. Carefully designed to minimise impact on the natural environment, it offers a unique rainforest experience. The resort is only 25 km or 30 minutes drive north of Kuching, the capital of Sarawak. 
Heritage walk at Sungai Jaong

星期六当天,达迈中心下午2点开始也将有由砂拉越意识发展协会(AZAM) Young Souls Musical Group带来一场音乐盛会。
傍晚630分,达迈中心将进行的是 Trienekens 所主办的环保时装竞赛,参与的将是在籍的中学以及学院生。
另外,令人瞩目的是由马来西亚著名歌手兼作曲人艾米尔尤索将在星期六当天晚上9达迈中心的Escobar Bar and Grill进行一项即兴演唱,这项活动是由防止虐待动物协会所举办。
另外,砂拉越林业机构受保护区生物多元化保护部门主管兼马来西亚自然协会委员欧斯旺布莱肯则会说明有关砂拉越濒临绝种动物与执法行动(10:00am)。之后则有东南亚TRAFFICt高级策划员兼马来西亚自然协会委员卡妮达克丽丝南沙米联同 高级通讯员伊丽莎白约翰将谈及野生动物非法售卖活动 (10.30am).
山都望文化遗产之旅则将由来自砂拉越文化遗产协会的卡琳史伯带领及进行讲解,时间为早上 11时正,欲参与者须先报名,并准时在柏迈停车场集合。
同样是上午  9时正,植物学家兼森林生态学者拿汀凯特拉皮尔斯博士将带领另一场的森林之旅,让参与者穿越山都望的丛林。
Kooch脚车俱乐部所主导的 脚车队寻宝赛也将在 同一天的早上8时开跑,丰富奖品有待赢取。
欲知更多详情请电邮mnskuching@gmail.com联系,或浏览www.facebook.com/SantubongNatureFestival http://santubongnaturefestival.blogspot.com/ 网页以获取更多相关资讯。




Monday, October 21, 2013

Here's the two-day programme for the coming Santubong Nature Festival.

For activities that required pre-registration, email to mnskuching@gmail.com

CORRECTION: The Santubong Heritage Walk on Sunday (Nov 10)  begins at 11am, NOT 9am as stated in the programme. Apologies for the mistake.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

For Trienekens-MNS Eco Fashion Contest form & rules/regulations, go to http://www.scribd.com/doc/176864348/Eco-Fashion-Rules-Regulations 
(Please be informed that there is amendment made to Clause 3 of the rules and regulations as follows: "No. 3 Participation is open to all secondary school, college or university students aged 15 and above.")

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Trienekens Organise Eco-Fashion
Competition at Santubong Nature Festival

Kuching - Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd. jointly with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Kuching Branch will be organizing an eco-fashion competition at Damai Central, Santubong in conjunction with the upcoming Santubong Nature Festival on 9 November.

The eco-theme competition is one of the many interesting programmes lined up in support of the said festival. It is mainly aimed at raising awareness about the importance of preserving the state’s natural resources through sustainable use as well as keeping the environment clean and healthy through proper and responsible waste management practices.

“At Trienekens, we want to play a proactive role in reminding and educating the public about the importance of proper waste management and its damaging effects to the environment,” said Elvin Wee, Trienekens General Manager for Business Development. “Through the contest, we hope to attract many creative individuals who can come up with fun, innovative and environment-friendly fashionable ideas while raising better understanding on how best we, as a community, can collectively prevent littering and minimize wastage of our natural resources through the 3R concept,” said Wee.

Contest winners will stand a chance to win trophies, shopping vouchers and certificate of appreciation. Call for entries is now open to all interested individuals or budding designers including those from the local schools, colleges and universities. Details of the contest requirements and entry form can be downloaded from http://santubongnaturefestival.blogspot.com/. The closing date is on 25 October 2013.

Trienekens will set up an exhibition booth at the festival, offering information its services as well as prizes for booth games such fix-a-puzzle, guess-my-weight, drop-a-recyclable and get an ice cream. Members of the public are welcomed to the festival.

For more information, please contact Ms. Janet J. Balong of Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd. at 082-610700 or Mr. Vincent Wong of Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) at 013-802 0005.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

 山都望自然节将于118- 9进行并设有多项充满乐趣和资讯的活动,主要场地为柏迈雨林渡假村以及达迈中心。包括自然地理讲解会、认识猪笼草、鳄鱼、水鸟、飞蛾与蝴蝶、犀鸟等。此外,群众也将有机会参与山都望文化遗产之旅、远足、观看萤火虫、夜间划艇、森林夜行和摄影活动等。
欲知更多详情请电邮mnskuching@gmail.com联系,或浏览www.facebook.com/SantubongNatureFestival http://santubongnaturefestival.blogspot.com/ 页以获取更多相关资讯