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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

64th AGM

20 Apr 2011
Come September 10th, MNS Langkawi will be hosting the 64th Annual General Meeting of MNS. 
Location: The Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa, Langkawi
Date: 9th - 12th September, 2011
Below are various packages arranged for members to consider: 

(a) Package 1  (4D3N) : AGM & Langkawi Skybridge Tour & Mangrove Tour
(b) Package 2  (3D2N) : AGM & Langkawi Skybridge Tour & Mangrove Tour
(c) Package 3 (2D1N)  : AGM (Relax)

Please download the booking form below: 
AGM Booking Form
For further enquiries, contact Ms Leong Wee Chin at 03-2287 9422 or email  membership@mns.org.my

**Important Note: The agenda for the Annual General Meeting will be sent to all MNS members by post in July 2011.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Invitation Talk on "Pattern and puzzles: a new look at the zoogeography of Borneo Mammals"

Dear members,
Sarawak Museum is inviting our members to attend a public talk that our honored Earl of Cranbrook will give here in Kuching entitled:
"Pattern and puzzles: a new look at the zoogeography of Borneo Mammals"

Date: 29 April 2011
Time: 3 pm
Venue: Sarawak Museum, (new wing). Please come through Jalan P. Ramlee, next to RTM if you drive.

Bilik Niah, Dewan Tun Abdul Razak

Dato Sri Earl of Cranbrook is the Honorary Curator of Mammals at the Sarawak Museum and will be in Kuching from 24th to 30th April 2011. He had also worked in the Sarawak Museum in 1957 as a Museum Technical Assistant.

 All are welcome.
Bones from prehistoric times, Niah Caves dug during
Tom Harrisson's time 1958

 The island of Borneo straddles the equator from about 7 o N to 4 o S between 109 o – 119 o E, and is the most easterly large landmass of the South-east Asian continental shelf, known as the Sunda Shelf. The wild land and freshwater mammals of the island comprise about 285 species. Since the beginning of zoogeography as a discipline, it has been observed that at the level of family, genus and frequently species, there is close affinity between the mammal faunas of the Thai-Malaysia peninsula south of about 10° N, Borneo and the other Greater Sunda Islands (Sumatra, Java and Bali), leading to the recognition of this area as a zoogeographical subregion. It has also long been understood that the existence of a distinct Sundaic mammal fauna reflects periodic exposure of the bed of the South China Sea during Plio-Pleistocene glacial episodes, which provided opportunities for migration and merger of populations.
In faunistic analyses it has been customary to treat Borneo as a single biogeographical unit. However, a review of well-documented species and subspecies, as defined by current opinion, shows a variety of distributional patterns within the island. Moreover, since the 1950s, archaeological discoveries have increased understanding of past distributions. Since the 1990s, molecular studies have shed new light on classical taxonomy and hence forced a revision of former zoogeographical assumptions. As we move into in the 21st century era of easy, rapid DNA analysis and molecular phylogenies, some surprising results are emerging.  
This new evidence of regional and local speciation provides insight into selective processes and the time-scale of evolution. This information could assist the planning of measures to counteract the adverse impacts of global warming and human pressure on the threatened wild mammal resource of Borneo and the subregion. 


One week ago, a baby orangutan disappeared from the Sintang Orangutan CenterWest Kalimantan, Borneo. The young ape, Luna, went missing during forest activities in the day.
Police, army officials, volunteers and organisations such as Orangutan Outreach, theCenter for Orangutan Protection and Jakarta Animal Aid Network are all involved in the search.
If anyone has any information regarding the situation, and/or Luna's whereabouts they are urged to:
  • 1. Immediately alert local authorities, providing them with any relevant information. If you believe that your safety may be compromised in the act of doing this, please try to provide information anonymously.
  • 2. Contact Orangutan Outreach to communicate this information with them so that they can effectively coordinate with Indonesian and/or foreign authorities in identifying Luna:

Richard Zimmerman  Director, Orangutan Outreach 
Email: info@redapes.org
Description of Luna:

Approx. 2 feet tall (60cm). Roughly 2 years old.
Fuzzy bright-orange floppy hair. Small, skinny legs. Very fine, long, skinny fingers. Protruding snout.
Characteristic behaviour:
  • Does not like to be left alone - when alone she crawls up into a ball, face down on the ground and squeals in a very high pitch. She doesn't like strangers and will swat at them.
Recent photographs:
  • "At this point we cannot rule out the possibility that Luna's disappearance could be the result of foul play. She may very well have been captured by wildlife smugglers and sold. She may even have been smuggled out of Indonesia by now. The awful truth is that the illegal pet trade is still very much alive in that part of the world, and a baby orangutan is tremendously valuable to someone living in desperate poverty."

Thank you for your help,

 Richard Zimmerman
Director, Orangutan Outreach 
Email: info@redapes.org

Friday, April 15, 2011

1st announcement of “my garden bird” talk by Mark Ng from SBBG on 7 May 2011 at 7:30pm

Mark Ng from SBBG(Selangor Branch Bird Group)

Dear all,

Please put this date in your agenda: 7 may 2011, Talk on My Garden Birdwatch
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue:will be anounced
Speaker:Mark Ng from Selangor Branch Bird Group (SBBG)
Hosted by:MNS Kuching Branch

It will soon be that time of the year again, for the MASSIVE nationwide bird survey -- a survey for everyone, couch potatos and city slickers, you and me. 

More info on My Garden Birdwatch on http://www.mygardenbirdwatch.com/index.php

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Tara Eft

I am a conservationist - getting to the heart of an issue, seeing it up close and getting my hands dirty to do my part is how I would love to spend the rest of my days. But I have always believed that the media is an exceptional tool in conservation and the key to making a difference. It has the ability to reach people all over the world, show them what is going on and most importantly - motivate them to make a difference. After all, watching nature documentaries has inspired me into my line of work.

 I love my job because I work in conservation education in Asia. I take students out of air-conditioned classrooms and into the outdoors - teaching them about the environment and why it is so important to protect. 

 But what I find so often is that most people, no-matter their age or background, are unaware of the environmental issues around them. My life ambition is to work in conservation and educate and inspire the world through creative documentaries. When I heard about Project Borneo and DeforestACTION, I was blown away by how perfect this initiative was - action at both ends of the spectrum. This combination of conservation and media will make a difference locally and globally. 

I have a bachelor of Science majoring in Marine Biology and volunteer for a Turtle Hatchery on Tioman Island, Malaysia. I have also volunteered for an after-hours wildlife ambulance in hometown Brisbane, Australia - very important for our many nocturnal creatures! Today I still stay tuned-in on Aussie issues with my environmental blog. I love to write, especially about animals and nature, and write articles for Asian Geographic Junior (http://www.asiangeojunior.com/). But I also love the flexibility of visual media and it's power to reach out to people. I have a bachelor of Journalism on top of my BSC and have done short courses and workshops in T.V presenting and internships with Channel Ten Australia. 

 Vote for me and you can guarantee that I will give the orangutans of Borneo my entire heart and soul. I will never give up on them, or the rainforest, and strive to motivate others to get out there and take part.

Best wishes,

Additional info on Kayak trip

Dear all,

We spoke to the person in charge of the Kayaking to check the price for not members. This is in case a member would like to take a friend or relative as their companion. It will be RM 170  with no exception for spouses if the member doesn't have a family membership.
If you want to take more than 1 non member they will be on a waiting list unless they do not intend to go kayaking but just for the swim and picnic.We give priority to our paying members first.

Deadline for payment is 27 April till 5 p.m. Do phone before you come to pay 019-8364231(Cynthia) at De Summit Condo, Lorong B4 (BDC). If you prefer to pay to Sunita  do call her first at 012-4370050. She is located at Hui Sing Garden. However, she will be away (in Perak) from the 16th till 30th April.

We will send those that are confirmed an email by next week. Please reconfirm once you receive the email for kayaking (Group 1) or picnic  only (Group 2), your details ie. your IC or Passport no and HP number.

Cynthia and Sunita

Friday, April 8, 2011

Another” FREE Amazing Waterbird Poster

The Chinese Crested Tern poster

Hi all,
We have yet another beautifully-designed poster that we can distribute FREE to those who are interested. The poster is about the Amazing Waterbird. 

Over 50 million waterbirds migrate along over Sarawak each year.  Some weigh as little as 25g, yet they travel 25,000km every year!   Water birds need wetlands to feed and rest on their epic journeys.  Sarawak has many important wetlands; one of them is located just at our doorstep at Kg. Buntal. Water birds are under threat everywhere from habit loss, pollution, hunting and other threats.  There has been a 23% decrease in numbers of water birds in Malaysia in the last 20 years.
Waterbirds need our help!  Let’s play out part in protecting these amazing birds and their wetlands for future generations to enjoy.

MNS Kuching Branch now have a number of these two posters (including The Chinese Crested Tern poster) available for those who are interested to display them in their school, company, colleges, restaurants, clinic, petrol stations, university, community hall, church, mosque, etc to disseminate info on its conservation.

 Please contact mnskuching@gmail.com if you can help distributing and displaying the posters
They are sponsored by Japan Fund for Global Environment.

Thank you for your help.
MNS Kuching Branch
att:Rose Au, Anthony Wong

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MNS Family Day and Kayak Adventure. Additional information.Only for paid up MNS Members

Dear all,

In case you like to join the Kajak trip on 2 May here are the details. 

1. We can take 30 persons kayaking. Each kayak seats 2 persons.We provide the life vests.
Kayaking is suitable for beginners but we prefer that they are comfortable in water and know how to swim. Non swimmers and children below 12 have their picnic on a sandy river bank while waiting for the kayakers to come in and join them for picnic lunch.

2. Price is special for MNS members only. Rm80 for adult and Rm40 for children below 12 yrs old.
However, for safety of the group, we do not allow more than 4 children(10 - 12 yrs) per kayak trip.
Children below 10 years are not recommended for kayaking but they can join group 2 (picnic only)

    Price quoted is for kayaking only. Those who do not go kayaking do not have to pay but also have to sign the indemnity form.Parents are also responsible      for their kids. Please provide your own transport, food and drinks ( both Group 1 & 2).

3. We can meet up at 800am at the car park of  Kota Padawan Pitcher Plant Center at 10th Mile.
Drive 1 1/2 hr. to Kpg. Bengoh ( kayak starting point). Group 2 can see the launching of kayak adventure then proceed to Kpg. Semadang( ending point&  picnic place). 
Adults in Group 2 can help to send the cars back to ending point. 

 Itinerary :
  • 800 am     Leave Kota Padawan Pitcher Plant Center 10 Mile. Be on time otherwise you have to find your own way to the place
  • 930 am     Arrive Kpg. Bengoh. Safety & Paddling Instructions
  • 1000am    Kayaking Starts ( Group 1)
  • Group 2 drive to Kpg Semadang( ending point). Park the vehicles at car park.
  • 1100 am   Group 2 trek for 15 mins to picnic place at 'Big Rock' sandy river bank.
  • Swimming/picnic/BBQ ( on your own arrangement). Please arrange your own 'life guards' to oversee the swimming.
  • 100pm     Kayakers( Group 1 ) arrive at Big Rock join Group 2  for picnic lunch etc.
  • Group 2 can try out kayaking around the sandy bank. Wearing of life vests is mandatory for all.
  • 2 -3 pm   Time flexible/ end of trip.

  • Insect Repellent, Sun Protection lotion, a Hat. Wear t-shirt, shorts or tights over swim wear.Extra set of clothing (leave in your car).
  • Wear sandals or slippers. * There are sandflies at the river bank. Please bring protection.
  • Wearing longsleeves and long pants recommended. Do not wear jeans as they are uncomfortable when wet.
  • Your own first-aid kit 
  • Your own food and drinks.

We reserve the right to postpone/cancel the trip if the Weather and River conditions are not safe for kayaking or swimming. 

Deadline to  register and payment is 27 April at 5 PM. at De Summit Condo, Lorong B4 (BDC)  Please call me (Cynthia) 019-8364231 to make arrangements. We also need your IC/Passport number,HP no for our indemnity form and you can sign it when you pay for the trip at my place.
Payment for kayakers is RM80 (Cash only)(MNS  paid up Members only),non MNS Members that join their MNS friend have to pay RM170.

If you need more information about this trip don't hesitate to ask and write to mnskuching@gmail.com 

 Please let us know asap if you want to go kayaking as we can only take a limited number(30) of kayakers.

 Love Life, Love Nature.

Kwan,Sunita &Cynthia

MNS Family Day and Kayak Adventure. Only for paid up MNS Members

Dear MNSKB Members,
MNSKB will be organising a Members Family Day on Monday 2nd May 2011. It is a public holiday.
The Committee has decided on a Kayak Adventure.
Since it is a Family Day, we anticipate 2 groups of people; those who actually go kayaking and those who do not wish to including some less adventurous grandparents and younger children.
MNSKB is very fortunate to get an extremely special price for the kayaking. Thanks to one of our members is in the business and she is charging us RM 80 for an adult (strictly paid up member price) and RM 40 for children 10 -12 years old. (No more than 4 children are allowed for safety reasons).  A similar package goes for RM 188 normally.
A little more details:
Group 1 - Kayakers
Group 2 - family members and non-kayakers
Meeting place is at the Kota Padawan Pitcher Plant Centre carpark at 10th mile.
Time: 8am
A one and half hours drive to Kg. Bengoh to see the Group 1 people launch off with their kayaks.
Group 2 people will drive to the end point, Kg. Semadang. A 15 min trek to "Big Rock" where there is a sandy river bank where we can swim and have our picnic.
Please let us know asap if you want to go kayaking as we can only take a limited number of kayakers. We will also have to work out transport, food and drinks.
Love Life, Love Nature.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Posters for distribution

“The Chinese Crester Tern (CCT) is a rare bird, estimated 30 birds worldwide. MNS Kuching Branch now have a number of CCT posters available for those who are interested to display them in their school, company, colleges, restaurants, petrol stations, university, community hall, church, mosque, etc to disseminate info on its conservation.
Please contact mnskuching@gmail.com if you can help distributing and displaying the posters
They are sponsored by Japan Fund for Global Environment.

There are three species of Crested Terns that can be found along the coast of Sarawak – Lesser Crested Tern, Great Crested Tern and the Chinese Crested Tern.  The Chinese Crested Tern has not been sighted in Sarawak for over 80 years.  It is most easily identified by the black tip on its yellow bill. The two other Crested Terns have plain-coloured bills. It also has lighter grey plumage and slightly smaller than the Greater Crested Tern.  So look out for that black tip among the Crested Terns the next time you our out at the coast.  You may just find a rare gem that all are looking for.”

Thank you for your help.
MNS Kuching