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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MNS Family Day and Kayak Adventure. Only for paid up MNS Members

Dear MNSKB Members,
MNSKB will be organising a Members Family Day on Monday 2nd May 2011. It is a public holiday.
The Committee has decided on a Kayak Adventure.
Since it is a Family Day, we anticipate 2 groups of people; those who actually go kayaking and those who do not wish to including some less adventurous grandparents and younger children.
MNSKB is very fortunate to get an extremely special price for the kayaking. Thanks to one of our members is in the business and she is charging us RM 80 for an adult (strictly paid up member price) and RM 40 for children 10 -12 years old. (No more than 4 children are allowed for safety reasons).  A similar package goes for RM 188 normally.
A little more details:
Group 1 - Kayakers
Group 2 - family members and non-kayakers
Meeting place is at the Kota Padawan Pitcher Plant Centre carpark at 10th mile.
Time: 8am
A one and half hours drive to Kg. Bengoh to see the Group 1 people launch off with their kayaks.
Group 2 people will drive to the end point, Kg. Semadang. A 15 min trek to "Big Rock" where there is a sandy river bank where we can swim and have our picnic.
Please let us know asap if you want to go kayaking as we can only take a limited number of kayakers. We will also have to work out transport, food and drinks.
Love Life, Love Nature.

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