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Friday, April 8, 2011

Another” FREE Amazing Waterbird Poster

The Chinese Crested Tern poster

Hi all,
We have yet another beautifully-designed poster that we can distribute FREE to those who are interested. The poster is about the Amazing Waterbird. 

Over 50 million waterbirds migrate along over Sarawak each year.  Some weigh as little as 25g, yet they travel 25,000km every year!   Water birds need wetlands to feed and rest on their epic journeys.  Sarawak has many important wetlands; one of them is located just at our doorstep at Kg. Buntal. Water birds are under threat everywhere from habit loss, pollution, hunting and other threats.  There has been a 23% decrease in numbers of water birds in Malaysia in the last 20 years.
Waterbirds need our help!  Let’s play out part in protecting these amazing birds and their wetlands for future generations to enjoy.

MNS Kuching Branch now have a number of these two posters (including The Chinese Crested Tern poster) available for those who are interested to display them in their school, company, colleges, restaurants, clinic, petrol stations, university, community hall, church, mosque, etc to disseminate info on its conservation.

 Please contact mnskuching@gmail.com if you can help distributing and displaying the posters
They are sponsored by Japan Fund for Global Environment.

Thank you for your help.
MNS Kuching Branch
att:Rose Au, Anthony Wong

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