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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Do and Don't poster

65th National Annual General Meeting & Elections


Greetings to all Members.
It's that time of the year for MNS members to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and to also cast your votes for the Election of Council and Board of Trustees for the period 2012-2014.

All forms and details have been uploaded onto our website as well as
various AGM Packages for you to consider. Please visit

If you are attending the AGM, you must bring along your membership cards
to help us with the registration and voting process.

AGM reports are now available can be viewed and downloaded from www.mns.my <http://www.mns.my/> . We have prepared a special section “Member Login” on the front page and you will need to use the following: Username: mns / Password: member2012) to gain access.

For reservations and other information, kindly contact Leong Wee Ching at 03-2287 9422 or email her at membership@mns.org.my

Thank you and we hope to see you on the 15th September 2012!

Warm regards,

Lim Teck Wyn
Hon. Secretary
Malaysian Nature Society

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lunch Hour Talk-South East Asia, The Forgotten Physiological Realm

Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera, 

On behalf of the Director of Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation (IBEC) UNIMAS, we wish to invite you to attend our Lunch Hour Talk as follow:-

Date      : 23 August 2012 (Thursday)
Time      :1:00-2:00pm
Venue    : TR4, FRST/IBEC Building, Level G, UNIMAS
Title       : South East Asia, The Forgotten Physiological Realm
Speaker: Prof. Barry Lovegrove 

Your participation is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Meri Binti Sabas
Office Secretary 
Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
94300 Kota Samarahan
Tel:   +6082-581000 ext 3007
Fax:  +6082-583004

Public Talk on the Beauty of Snakes:

Dear Friends of SBC

In case you have not received our previous email/invitation, we would
like to invite you to join us as we explore the wonders and beauty of
snakes on 10 August 2012, Friday at 3.00pm at the Sarawak Biodiversity

This time, we are pleased to have Hans Breuer who will take us on a
journey to get over the general repulsion towards snakes, and learn to
appreciate them (even if it is just from a distance!).

Breuer's  90 minutes presentation entitled "The Beauty of Snakes" will
consist of four parts.

In the first part of the presentation, Breuer will hold a general
discussion with the audience of what snakes mean to them and people in
general. Here, he will also address issues such as fear and prejudices
towards snakes, as well as why snakes are important to the

In the second part of the presentation, Breuer will engage the
audience on what to do if they meet a wild snake, with reference to
the various species found in Borneo.

Third, Breuer will present a brief overview of why snakes are “really
cool animals”.  This part of the presentation will feature some
interesting facts about snakes.

The presentation will also feature a show and tell, where Breuer will
show photos of beautiful snakes, and allow the audience to get a feel
of snake skins (and perhaps even a live snake!)

So do make a date with us (and snakes) for Friday, 10 August 2012, at 3:00pm.

Bring friends, students, colleagues and family!

Please leave us your names and telephone numbers to register via this
email address or by calling us at 082-610610 to speak to Ha-Mim
Marzuki, Selwynn Edward or Asha Devi.

Hope to see you then!

Asha Devi Kaushal

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Malaysian Nature Society]: Pencinta Alam Newsletter Aug 2012 and Branch Committee 2012/2013

Dear MNS Members,

(1)  August 2012 Newsletter
Please be informed that the August 2012 newsletter is out.  You can download a copy from http://www.mns.my/file_dir/181132749650162df7ed4b3.pdf
·         Captivating Tasik Chini
·         Green Living Column – Paper, polystyrene or plastic cops?
·         “Our Precious Peatlands” Photo Contest
·         Eco-Kids – Plastic bag gift-topper pom-poms
·         Hornbill Conservation Project – Hornbill Volunteer Programme 2012
·         Calendar of Activities
·         MNS Library
 (2) Branch Committee 2012/2013


Kuching Branch (Sarawak)


Anthony C.Sebastian

Cheong Ah Kwan

Chan Mei Ching, Zora Sharon

Wee Chin
Membership Officer
Malaysian Nature Society
Tel: 03-22879422
Fax: 03-22878773