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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a visit to Sir James Brooke's bungalow in Bukit Serumbu_pictures taken by Lin RenMin / 1

our destination (red circle), 1100 feet high up Bukit Serumbu. we start trekking at 9am. this mountain is a single mass of porphyry rock (igneous rock).
we took the route from Kampung Peninjau Lama
harvesting season for local fruit - Berlimbing Sarawak, taste like langsat.
house built on the rock. a unique Dayak's traditional architecture.
giant bird-nest ferns growing on trees everywhere.
Amorphophallus (Keladi family), an almost bloom smelly flower.
a rotten Amorphophallus. it has snake-skin pattern stem.
camouflage, a worm same color as the leaf. can be easily ignored if not for its beautiful pattern.
strategic view point from the jungle, overlooking the Siniawan town
one-stone bridge. n this is Timothy, a tough boy, this climb is no sweat for him.
bamboo and rottan are bountiful.
Stephen, our guide showing his move of traditional Ngajat dance.

this is all that is left, a remain of the house pole... the bungalow was burnt down accidentaly by the locals during a field clearing for planting. 2 other similar poles are now kept in Sarawak Museum.

the Dayak's tale of the passage of death, anyone tries to cross in between this sharply split boulder will die instantly on the spot.

the legendary huge igneous boulder. under its shade was a cooling stream pool where Sir James Brooke took his bath. but after a rock reformation, the water change to flow underground and thus shifting the pool to another spot further down the valley.
a group photo under the huge igneous boulder
1pm finally we made it, this one piece of ancient remnant is all what we are here for, haha...
deserve a good meal, after a tedious trekking 4hrs up and 3hrs down the mountain. back to the flat ground at 4pm. oh, home sweet home...

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  1. Great day RECOMMEND to EVERYONE