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Monday, April 12, 2010

MNS Kuching Branch Bird Group Birding Trip to the Ash Ponds at Sejingkat

DATE : Sunday 18 April 2010
TIME : 6.45am -9:30am
WHERE TO MEET : Gate of Sejingkat Power Station – Please be there by
6:45am sharp
MNS Kuching Branch Bird Group is organising a bird watching trip to the Ash Ponds at Sejingkat on Sunday 18 April 2010 to see birds in the process of migrating from the southern hemisphere back to their respective breeding grounds in the northern hemisphere.
The phenomenon of bird migration has fascinated people from time immemorial. The arrivals and departures of different species marked the seasons, heralding spring and autumn, and providing a reliable calendar long before anything better became available. Migration is shown by many kinds of animals, including butterflies and other insects, mammals, marine turtles and fish, but in none is it as extensively developed as in birds.  A recent study using advance satellite technology has shown that some of the species could fly non-stop for nearly 12,000km – a distant equivalent to 6 times return trip between KL and Kuching. And they are doing it twice a year! 
Nearly 20% of all bird species migrate and that’s billions of birds hurrying northwards right now.  Sarawak is located along one of the major routes of these migratory birds.  And Kuching in particular is one of the most important wintering grounds in Malaysia. 
Why not spend this Sunday morning to watch these amazing birds before their long journey back to their breeding grounds.
During the trip, we will try to identify not only the species but different stages of plumages (colour and pattern of their feathers) as many of them have started to change from their dull winter feathers into a more attractive and colourful plumage ready for the breeding seasons.

Drive along Bako Road toward Kampung Bako and Muara Tebas. Turn right at the Junction before Jalan Kampung Bako, where the sign board says “Sejingkat Power Station”. Turn left at the first turn to go towards the power station. The two tall stakes should be in front of you by then. Drive towards the Power station and you will pass through a security gate that never closes. Just before reaching the entrance of the power station do another left turn. Don’t go in the Power station. Drive to the end of the road until another security gate. The meeting place will be somewhere there. It is only a matter of climbing over the bund on the right (as you are facing the security gate) to get to the pond. Beware of soft mud.
 Please bring along your binoculars, bird guides, pocket-size note pad, hat, sun block and umbrella. Boots will be handy.  Please also remember to wear dull-coloured clothes.
FEES MNS Members and students: FREE Non Members: RM5/-
For registration please contact Susan Teal at 012 -8551799  (sueteal2006@gmail.comor Anthony Wong 013-8333163 (antwong@sareaga.com). 

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