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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Save Temengor Campaign and May 2010 newsletter (Part 1-3)

 Dear Members,

(1)          Save Temengor Campaign
MNS launched the ‘Save Temengor Campaign’ on 22 April 2010, Earth Day.  Please see attached video from NST online :


As a member of MNS, we urge you and all of lyour colleagues, family and friends to visit any The Body Shop stores (in Peninsular Malaysia only) or, MNS HQ ad sign the petition.  All of you can sign online athttp://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/savetemengor2010

(2)          May 2010 Newsletter**

Please be informed that the May ’10 newsletter is out.  You can download from

** The file has been cut into 3 parts due to big file size

-          Biodiversity is life.  Biodiversity is our life
-          Eco-Kids - What is Biodiversity?
-          Biodiversity Files -Fireflies
-          MNS AGM 2010 - Booking Form
-          MNS HQ Announcements
-          MNS Council – Rules & Regulations (Governance and accountability of MNS)
-          The Eco-Kids Biodiversity Quiz
-          Nature Notes – Caught on camera: Spotted Leopard in Malaysia
-          Green Living – Green living towards biodiversity
-          Lose the Forest, Lose Everything
-          Gunung Penrissen IBA Launch (Borneo Highlands Resort)
-          MNS Merdeka Award Fund
-          MNS Hornbill Volunteer Programme
-          Calendar of Activities

Wee Chin
Membership Officer
Malaysian Nature Society
Tel: 03-22879422
Fax: 03-22878773

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