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Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Branch Committee Members for the term 2010-2011

Dear members,
On behalf of the Branch Committee for the term 2009-2010 and immediate past chairperson, Rebecca D'Cruz, we would like to record our sincere thanks to you for your continuous support in MNS and its activities. It has been a pleasure serving the branch. We just held our AGM this morning and followed by MNS 70th anniversary roadshow at the Mango Tree Restaurant. Both events went smoothly. Reports and minutes of the AGM would be sent to you all soon in separate emails.
Please be informed that, your new Branch Committee for the term 2010-2011 will be led by Cheong Ah Kwan. The Branch's vice chairman is Yeo Siew Teck; Secretary, Sunita Shamsul; Treasurer, Jacinta Wong-Schneider; and six Committee Members Cynthia Hazebroek, Dr Chin Saw Sian, Chi'en Chi'en Lee, Rahim Bugo, Donald Tan and Lim Jin Bing. Collin Cheong has been appointed as the branch's internal auditor. Congratulations to your new appointment.
We thank the newly elected team for dedicating their time to serve the branch for one year and  all the best to you all.
Love Life, Love Nature
Signing off..... Zora Chan (Secretary 2009-2010)


  1. Thank you Zora and Becky for our your hard work too. It was also a pleasure working with both of you. Terimah kasih banjak

  2. Congratulations to a successful AGM and to the new Kuching Branch committee members. To past committee : its been great working with you!