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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Second Firefly symposium will be held in Malaysia on the 2nd to 7th August 2010

Dear all, 

I am writing on behalf of Second International Firefly Symposium committee. For your information, Second Firefly symposium will be held in Malaysia on the 2nd to 7th August 2010 and in-conjunction to the symposium, we are hosting a one week training course on the taxonomy and systematic of Firefly of South East Asia. The training course will be conducted by two respective firefy taxonomist; Dr Lesley Ballantyne and Dr Jeng Ming Luen.  This course is targeted to encourage and train young scientist as a taxonomist on firefly since the study in this particular area is still lacking.  

In preparation on the training course, we are currently trying to gather specimens of firefly from South East Asia through specimens loans from other institutions. It would be very much appreciated if your institution will be able to support our effort on this matter. As an advantage, this opportunity will allow unidentified specimens from your institution to be identified during the training course. We would like to hear your opinion regarding the initiative and your idea and suggestion is most welcomed.

Please feel free to visit our website for further information http://www.ifs2010.frim.gov.my/ and http://www.ifs2010.frim.gov.my/training.htm

I thank you in advance for your kind assistance and time. 

Best regards,

Wan Faridah Akmal Wan Jusoh
Firefly Researcher
Laboratory of Biodiversity and Conservation
Faculty of Environmental Studies
Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang
Selangor, MALAYSIA.

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