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Friday, March 5, 2010

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SWAMP - Kuching Wetlands National Park

A photographic guide to the plants and animals of Malaysia's coastal and Mangrove habitats.

William Beavitt and Andrew A Tuen.

Foremost this is a guide to the magnificent Kuching Wetlands National Park (KWNP) and its extensive mangrove forest. It is also useful guide for anyone visiting Malaysia wanting a quick reference for the  identification of the common plants and animals in Malaysia and Borneo's coastal regions from the beach habitats to the mangrove swamps and wetlands environments.

The book is filled with colour photographs of the wonderful varied wildlife in these parts. If you haven't been to the mangroves yet you will want to go!

Birds, Leopard Cat, Proboscis Monkeys, Silvered Langurs and other monkeys, crocodiles, Otters, lizards, snakes and Flying Lemurs to name a few of the illustrated animals in this book.

KWNP is a new National Park gatteted in 2002 to preserve one of the last extensive mangrove stands in the country. Additionally it provides a nursery ground for our oceans fish stocks and protects the coast from erosion. In recognition of its importance as a wetlands it was awarded Ramsar status in 2005.

The park's immediate proximity to Kuching City intensifies the demands and land pressure on the park for development, which is why gazetting it as a national park preventing disturbance and ensuring the future conservation of these fabulous resources was essential. This guide shows off the beauty of the park and justifies completely the government and forestry's decision to protect it.

ISBN. 978-967-5527-067

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Non Members :RM 66
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