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Friday, March 5, 2010

Need help for Earth day at Green Height mall.

Dear members,

In conjunction of Earth day, Green Height Mall has invited MNS to take part in their program. On Wednesday 24 March you are all invited for a talk given by Rebecca d'Cruz and Ann Armstrong. The talks will take 1 hour.

Our MNS Kuching Branch has a booth on Wednesday and Saturday where people can become members and where we sell our merchandise. We need help on Saturday 27 march from 5 pm -10 pm at our booth. Could you spare maybe 1 hour or longer to help? Could you send an email to mnskuching@gmail.com

Below is the program for the whole week at Green Height Mall and in case people don't know where this is, it is were the Cold Store supermarket is.

Thanks a lot,

Cynthia Hazebroek-Lobato

Program 22 - 28 March - Earth Week

22 March: 8:30am, Tree Planting with MBKS, Green Heights & Borneo Garden KRT & DIGI

22 - 28 March: Recycling Campaign

24 March: 8pm, Eco Awareness Talk @The Pan Tree Foodcourt, Level 1, by Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)

27 March: 7:30pm, Earth Hour Concert & Eco Food Bazaar ( MNS got a sales booth from 5- 10 pm)

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