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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Movie night on Migrating birds

Dear members and friends,

You are invited for another movie night on Migrating Birds. Before the movie,  we have a short presentation by two student MNSKB Members,  Jason Teo Jia Hong and Batrisyia Teepol.

In August/September this year, MNS HQ funded  these 2 young members 
for their stay and accommodation,  while Kuching Branch sponsored their airfares and road transportation,  to participate in the Hornbill Volunteer Programme at Belum-Temonggor Forest Reserve in Perak.

Jason will share his experiences at the HVP. With the help of Professor Andrew Alec Tuen and Rose Au, MNSKB helped Batrisyia to secure a Conservation Leadership Programme sponsorship to study shorebirds at Bako-Buntal Bay for 1 year, August 2018- August 2019. Batrisyia will share what she has learned so far from the Programme.

Date : Wednesday 5thDec 2018
Time: 7.30-9-30 PM At Discussion room (Please be on time)
Venue Islamic Information Centre.
 Please register latest on 4 Dec at mnskuching@gmail.com

Information about the movie.

Migrating Birds - Scouts of Distant World 
Director: Petra Hofer and Freddie Rockenhaus
Running Time: 90 minutes
Country: Germany 
Year 2016
Countries screened in: Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Namibia, Mali, Rwanda, South Africa

Every year billions of birds migrate from the northern summer breeding grounds to the southern overwintering grounds and every year billions of birds die on route. They starve, die of thirst, are killed by exhaustion or environmental poisons, by enemies, by winds, or by power lines. Despite this, the migrations take place year after year; generation after generation. This film shows the voyages of migratory birds with breathtaking aerial photography from the Arctic to Africa, from Siberia to Malaysia. It explains how the birds orientate themselves, why they migrate and how, for example,  a young stork finds the way to Africa even though he has never been there. 

It answers questions you may have or have not thought of. It will leave you with even greater respect for our feathered friends. It will get you to ask how we can be part of their journey and ensure birdsreach their destinations. 

Cynthia Lobato

MNSKB Secretariat

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