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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Santubong All Summits Challenge Presentation

Dear members and friends,

You are invited to an exciting Santubong Challenge presentation by an avid Sarawakian hiker,  Ian Vong and his team members who hiked Mount Santubong from  27-28 October 2018.
This Challenge has never been attempted before and it  took about 40 hours to complete the 40 KM hike.

Date: Wednesday 14 Nov 2018
Time: 7.30-9.00
Place :Islamic Information Centre (Lower Baruk)
Speaker:Ian Vong 
About Ian Vong:
He is  hiker who loves  challenging hiking  and the  breathtaking sceneries of  Borneo.

Mount Santubong is one of his favourite places to hike. From August 2017 until July 2018, Ian had   trekked and climbed a total of 45 times  to explore the entire Mount Santubong mountain range. 

The famous Mount Santubong summit (810 m) is the main  attraction for both locals and foreign trekkers. If you were to view from the side of the mountain there are 7 summits, with elevations ranging  from 450m to 850m above sea level.

Ian:  I love nature and I would like to do something meaningful by raising funds for the environment. If everyone were to participate and contribute a little, we can all save our environment.

Save Mother Nature. Heal the world before it's too late.
Campaign objectives:
-       Raise funds for Malaysian  Nature Society.
-       Promote the etiquettes of hiking.

Please register at mnskuching@gmail.com.  The  last day to register is Tuesday 13 Nov.

Cynthia Lobato
MNSKB Secretariat

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