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Saturday, January 2, 2016

What’s out there? Treasure Hunt for Nature’s Valuable Leaves

Treasure Hunt for Nature’s Valuable Leaves

·      To collect leaves with different shapes
·      To make leaf rubbings of the leaves

How many of these shapes can you see on the nature walk?
1.    Look at the leaves as we walk along the path.
2.    Can you see leaves that have different shapes?
3.    Find one leaf for each shape.  Make leaf rubbing for each leaf that you find. 

How to make leaf rubbings
1.   Lay several leaves onto some newspaper.
2.   Put a piece of paper over the leaves.
3.   Use the full length of crayon to gently rub over the leaf.
4.   The rubbing should show lots of details.

Think about
1.   How many leaves did you collect?
2.   Are there any ways they are similar?
3.   They all have different shapes, but are there other differences?
4.   Why do you think most leaves have sharp points?

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