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Saturday, January 23, 2016

MNS Birding trip at Kubah NP on 18 Jan 2016 Pictures taken by James Lee Onn

Birds seen that day:
Yellow Vented Bulbul
Hairy backed Bulbul
Abbots Babbler
rufous crowned Babbler
Blue Winged Leafbird
Crested Serpent Eagle
Asian Fairy bluebird
Yellow rumped Flowerpecker
Ashy Tailorbird
Black and Yellow Broadbill
Narcissus Flycatcher
Crested Jay
Finch's Bulbul
Racket Tailed Drongo
Yellow Breasted Flowerpecker
Tenmincks Sunbird
Greater racket Tailed Drongo 
Rufous Backed Kingfisher
Scarlet rumped Trogon (F)
Rufous Tailed Tailorbird
Orange Bellied flowerpecker
Scarlet Minivet
Red Crowned Barbet

those below were also seen by people in the group but I didn't get enough of a look to count them for myself:
Spotted Fantail
Asian Brown flycatcher
The Shama!
some type of spiderhunter

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