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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dolphin watch trip by MNSKB. on August 24 (Sunday) at 2pm.

KUCHING: Sarawak is the only state in Malaysia that has commercial dolphin watching as a tourism activity.
However, if it is not done responsibly, dolphin watching can harm dolphins.
Therefore, it is important to observe dolphin watching ethics and etiquette  and always put animal’s welfare first.
In Kuching, dolphins can be found in Kuching Bay which encompasses the area from Telaga air on the west and the Bako peninsula on the east, as well as the rivers that connect these areas, Sungai Sibu Laut, Sungai Salak and Sungai Santubong.
The Malaysian Nature Society Kuching Branch (MNSKB) will be holding a guided dolphin watching trip on August 24 (Sunday) at 2pm.
Local dolphin experts Cindy Peter and Wayne Tarman will be on hand to share with participants findings from Sarawak Dolphin Projects, the cetaceans’ habitat in Kuching Bay and dolphin watching ethics and etiquette.
This trip is a lead up activity to the Santubong Nature Festival (November 8 & 9) which is jointly co-organised with Permai Rainforest Resort and supported by Kuching City North Hall and Sarawak Museum.
The festival aims to:

1.    To raise public awareness about the priceless natural and historical(local and global) heritage value of the Santubong peninsula.
2.    To advocate for a holistic and integrated approach to development and management of the area, safeguarding its unique landscape, biodiversity and historical assets.
3.    To showcase the tourism and recreational potential of the natural and cultural values of the Santubong peninsula.
4.    To stimulate reflection on responsible and sustainable management of the peninsula and its surroundings.
5.    To enhance environmental awareness and inculcate a sense of value for the area among the public, especially our youth.

  • Those interested to join the dolphin watching trip are register with mns.santubong@gmail.com by August 20.
  • Payment for boat for MNS member is RM50 per adult and RM25 per child under 12 years old; for public RM80 per adult and RM40 per child under 12 years old. Children under five years old are not recommended to take part in this trip.
  • Participants are to gather at Permai Rainforest Resort’s front desk at 1.45pm to fill in the activity’s indemnity form, pay for the boat and listen to safety briefing.
  • Its first come first serve base and limited places available. 
  • Registration only by email accepted with your full name,IC number and HP number. No details no registration including your kids

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