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Sunday, June 29, 2014

1st SNF 2014 lead up activity: GUIDED GEOLOGY WALK @ SANTUBONG

Date: 12 July 2014, Saturday
Time:  8.45am (Be punctual please)

What to bring?
Magnifying glass, if you have one! (you can buy one for a few Ringgit in a "dua puluh sen” shop or in a stationery shop).
Camera, pocket-size note pad, hat, insect repellent.
Extra set of dry clothes (leave in your car)
Bottle of water & snacks (for non-Muslims)

0845: Meet at the SFC entrance of the Santubong National Park. MNS or SNF committee members will be on hand register participants & their car plate number. Participants need to sign indemnity form. You will need to provide IC numbers.  Briefing by trip leader & geologist, Hans Hazebroek.
0900: Start trekking and observing the rocks!
1000: Reach the waterfall and enjoy your snacks in the shade of the rain forest.
1100: Walk back to the parking

Legendary Gunung (Mt.) Santubong (now a National Park) forms the core of the Santubong Peninsula, situated at the mouth of the Santubong river about 20 km north of Kuching. The slopes of the mountain are clothed in stately rain forest with numerous scenic streams. This is mainly lowland mixed dipterocarp forest with, in places, huge trees. Locally there are pockets of kerangas forest with sandy soil, which is usually covered in a thick layer of humus that feels soft underfoot. Transitional mixed dipterocarp–kerangas forest is often found in between these main forest types. There are several interconnecting trails on the flanks of the mountain. Conspicuous trees along streams in kerangas forest include selunsor (Tristaniopsis sp.), with characteristic whitish-orange bark, peeling off spontaneously in long ribbons. The waterfall is set amidst beautiful forest scenery.

Our geological field trip
The starting point for our trip is the SFC Park Entance located about 1 km south of the entrance to the Sarawak Cultural Village. From here the scenic walk to the main waterfall takes about 45 minutes. Even not-so-fit people can join our walk, because we walk slowly to see the rocks. Although the walk the waterfall is only about 45 min., we will take much longer because this is a fun geological field trip! We will make some small detours, search for interesting rocks and discuss what we see. 

This is an introduction to some of the rocks (stones) that can be seen along the waterfall trail and on the river banks nearby. This is for people who would like to know some of what geologists can tell about these rocks. Our trip is open also for parents with children from 8 years onwards. It is NOT a serious geological investigation. We will try to answer questions like the following: What kind of rocks can you see? How were these rocks formed? Can geologists tell how old these rocks are?

We plan to reach the waterfall before 10.00 am. Then we walk back to the entrance. Anyone who joins our trip does so at his or her own risk and has to sign an indemnity form. MNS is not responsible for accidents or for anyone who leaves our party and continues by himself or herself. Please be careful when we search for certain rocks in the stream. The rocks may be slippery! Please keep an eye on young children, don't let them go off by themselves. The forest of Santubong is very large: people have lost their way here and had to be rescued.

Do not litter during the walk and make sure you bring back your rubbish such as food/sweet wrappers and water bottles to your car.

Participation for this geology walk is free and you may bring your friends who are not MNS members. MNSKB and the organising committee of SNF 2014 welcome donation to fund the running of the festival. A donation box will be passed around after the walk.  

For more information and registration (full name, IC number, contact number) for the walk, email tomns.santubong@gmail.com, or call SNF organising chairman Vincent Wong at 013-8020005 or event secretary Lim Sin Shin at 014-9903335 by July 6. Participation is limited on first come, first serve basis.


1.       We are pleased to inform you that the 19th Annual General Meeting
(AGM) of the Malaysian Nature Society – Kuching Branch will be held
Venue:        Sarawak Cultural Village’s meeting room, Santubong.
Date:           12 July 2014 (Saturday)
Time:           1pm to 3pm  (lunch to be served at 12.30pm)

2.      Agenda for the 19th Annual General Meeting
i.      Chairman’s welcome address
ii.     Review of the minutes of the 18th Annual General Meeting and
matters arising
iii.    Report from the Chairman & proposed five-year plan
iv.     Report from the Secretary
v.      Report from the Treasurer
vi.     Any other matters which have been brought to the attention of the
Secretary of the Kuching Branch, in writing, at least one week before
the Annual General Meeting
vii.    Election of the Office Bearers for the year 2014/2015
viii.   Election of the Internal Auditor

NOTE: Only fully paid-members are eligible to stand for Office and to vote. Please remember to renew your subscriptions. You may choose to do so immediately before the start of the AGM.
The AGM documents will be sent out to all members by email no later than one week before the AGM. In order to reduce the amount of paper used, we request that you bring these copies with you for the AGM.

Lunch will be served at the AGM at 12.30pm (apologies to our Muslim members who are fasting) and after the AGM, a kayaking activity will be held at Permai Rainforest Resort if the weather & sea condition permit. Those interested to kayak, are to email to the branch secretary by June 30. 

Thank you.

Zora Chan
Secretary, MNSKB 2013/2014
27 June 2014

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