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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Clouded Leopards seen at Mount Santubong

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Clouded Leopards seen at Mount Santubong

Posted on April 6, 2014, Sunday

A close-up photo of the Bornean Clouded Leopard. There has been recent reported sighting of clouded leopard on Gunung Santubong.
KUCHING: Malaysian Nature Society has called for an immediate evaluation study of Mount Santubong as a home for Sarawak’s largest cat, the Bornean Clouded Leopard.
In February, there was a reported sighting of three Clouded Leopards on Mount Santubong.
The Bornean Clouded Leopard or ‘Neofelis diardi’ is an endemic medium-sized cat found only in Borneo, known locally as Entulu.
It is the smallest of the “large cats”, which is the general term used for the large members of the Felidae, like the tiger, lion and leopard. At over 2 metres in length, and weighing up to 25kg, this highly endangered cat in Sarawak is severely threatened by hunting and loss of its forest habitat.
In a press release issued yesterday, the Malaysia Nature Society Kuching Branch (MNSKB) chairman Anthony Sebastian said the sightings of three clouded leopards on Santubong, Sarawak’s newest gazetted National Park, is of great significance.
“MNSKB has been highlighting the biodiversity and historical importance of Gunung Santubong for many years. With more and more attention paid to Kuching’s iconic mountain, new discoveries are being made,” he said.
“Previously thought to have no hornbills, Santubong is now known to have four species of hornbills. Previously thought to have one otter species, we now know there are possibly three species of otters on Santubong,” he added.
This discovery of Clouded Leopards on Santubong, Sebastian pointed out, was yet another addition to Santubong’s increasingly rich wildlife, and not just another wild cat.
“This is Borneo’s top predator, and largest cat,” he emphasised.
The sightings of these Clouded Leopards were made by surveyors up on the mountain, doing preliminary work for the cable car project, revealed Sebastian.
Unlike hornbills, which are flying birds, and will only be affected by the disturbance caused by infrastructure development on the higher parts of the mountain, he said Clouded Leopards will be adversely affected by such projects.
Before any further plans to be made on Santubong, Sebastian stressed that it would be only prudent that a comprehensive study was commissioned to determine the requirements for Clouded Leopards on this isolated mountain, and what measures need to be put in place to ensure their continued, and permanent survival.
“Sarawak cannot afford to lose a population of a highly endangered large endemic cat living so close to Kuching. As arguably the most beautiful of the world’s wild cats, because of its exquisite bold markings, the opportunities are enormous for Sarawak’s, and Kuching’s tourism industry.”
He hopes that surveyors who sighted the big cats may withhold information on the animals’ exact location for their safety and survival.
The MNS, in its continuing efforts to highlight Santubong cultural, archaeological and biological richness, organised the first ever Santubong Nature Festival in 2013.
This year, the second edition of the Festival will be held in November.
Contact MNS atmnskuching@gmail.com for more information.

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Kucing hutan besar di Gunung Santubong perlu dikaji: Anthony

Posted on April 6, 2014, Sunday
SPESIES TERANCAM: Kucing hutan Entulu atau Bornean Clouded Leopard yang dijumpai di Gunung Santubong.
KUCHING: Persatuan Pencinta Alam Malaysia (MNS) meminta agar penyelidikan dilakukan di Gunung Santubong yang merupakan habitat kucing hutan di Sarawak susulan penemuan tiga kucing hutan besar oleh penduduk tempatan di gunung itu pada Februari lepas.
Dikenali sebagai Entulu di kalangan penduduk tempatan atau Bornean Clouded Leopard dalam bahasa Inggerisnya, spesies itu mempunyai tubuh sepanjang dua meter dan berat hingga 25 kilogram.
Spesies berkenaan sangat terancam di Sarawak ekoran aktiviti berburu dan kehilangan habitat di hutan.
Pengerusi MNS Cawangan Kuching Anthony Sebastian dalam kenyataan akhbarnya berkata penemuan tiga kucing hutan di Santubong, kawasan baharu diwartakan sebagai Taman Negara, amat bermakna.
“MNS sekian lama telah menekankan kepentingan dan kepelbagaian biologi di Gunung Santubong.
“Dengan tumpuan yang lebih banyak diberikan kepada gunung ikon Kuching itu, penemuan baharu telah dilakukan.
“Sebelum ini kita fikir tidak ada enggang, Santubong kini dikenali dengan empat spesies enggang.
“Dahulu cuma ada satu spesies memerang, tetapi kini mungkin ada tiga spesies memerang di Santubong,” katanya.
Penemuan Entulu di Santubong merupakan satu tambahan kekayaan hidupan liar di situ.
Ia bukan sekadar kucing hutan malahan kucing pemangsa utama di Borneo dan kucing terbesar, kata Sebastian.
Ia dijumpai oleh juruukur yang bertugas melakukan kerja- kerja awal bagi projek pembinaan kereta kabel.
Kucing tersebut mungkin terjejas akibat projek berkenaan.
Justeru, Sebastian berkata sebelum dilaksanakan pembangunan di Santubong adalah mustahak untuk melakukan kajian menyeluruh agar tidak menjejaskan kewujudan spesies unik itu.

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