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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Talk featuring Dr. Christopher M Stimpson from McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

Dear member,

The Malaysian Nature Society Kuching Branch will be holding a talk featuring Dr. Christopher M Stimpson from McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge.

  • The talk will take place at UCSI University, Kuching on 4th July 2013 (Thursday) at 7.30pm. 
  • All are welcomed.

The speaker, Dr. Stimpson, is trained as a zoologist (BSc University of Leeds) and then specialised in palaeozoology (MSc University of York). He completed his PhD research on bird and bat bones recovered from the Great Cave of Niah (University of Cambridge).

His principal research areas are palaeoecology and the use of Quaternary-age palaeozoological data sets to inform on the effective management and conservation of extant populations of animals and birds. In addition to his research specialisms,  he has worked extensively as a field archaeologist in North Africa, Southeast Asia and central and Eastern Europe and he is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Abstract This talk will briefly discuss the principals and practice of 
palaeozoology (in this case, "why bother to identify and analyse thousands 
of bones?") before moving on to describe a case study from the Great Cave 
of Niah. It will present results from an analysis of thousands of bones of 
bird and bat taxa and describe the insights that they provide into the 
ecology of the cave and wider landscape in the Niah area. It will conclude 
with a discussion of the wider implications of research findings for 
biodiversity in limestone cave areas in Sarawak.
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