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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MNS Talk this coming Friday 6January at 7.30 pm

Dear Members,,

 MNS-KB like to wish all our members a Happy 2012. 

Sorry for the short notice but we had to look for a venue since USCI got exams and we can't use the room.

TalkFriday 6 January 
Time:7.30 pm-9pm .(Please be on time)
Venue: Lime tree Hotel5th floor at the Rooftop Lounge  Map to venue is include in this blog.
By: Julian T Inglis

Title:"Balancing the needs of people and wildlife in the Kingdom of Fife,Scotland:Can a small environmental charity makes a difference?"

All are welcome (also non members).

MNSKuching Committee.
Love life,Love Nature

Julian T. Inglis M.Sc., M.Phil.
Julian Inglis’ first real job was with the Canadian Wildlife Service as a range biologist, working on reindeer in the Beaufort Sea area, and later in the High Arctic on muskoxen and caribou. His northern experiences led to many years of work with the Canadian Government and included developing environmental legislation, conservation strategies for Northern Canada and the circumpolar region, and the federal government's Arctic Environmental Strategy. Throughout his career he worked closely with communities and with indigenous peoples. He developed a keen interest in traditional ecological knowledge and this led to the establishment of the Centre for Traditional Knowledge in Ottawa, Canada. Seeking new challenges he moved to Pakistan with IUCN - The World Conservation Union. His work involved developing conservation strategies for Balochistan and the Northern Areas.
 In 2000 he moved to Sarawak as Chief Technical Advisor on the DANIDA-assisted SWMPI Project - improving the management of several national parks and a wildlife sanctuary. He then worked in Thailand, Cambodia and the Arabian Gulf before returning to Scotland. Currently he works as a project manager with Fife Coast and Countryside Trust specialising in European funded landscape-scale conservation projects. 

His talk is about the role of Fife Coast and Countryside Trust in developing and implementing partnership projects for the benefit of the public while ensuring the conservation of the environment.

"Balancing the needs of people and wildlife in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland: Can a small environmental charity make a difference?"

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