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Thursday, January 5, 2012

MNS talk: Horses on stage an experience of a relationship with nature

Dear Members and friends,

MNS Kuching Branch like to invite you for a talk on Horses on stage an experience of a relationship with nature.

Date: Tuesday 10 Jan 2012
Time: 7pm , BAROK Room , Please be on time.
By :     Olivier Schneider Stage Director and Actor for Le Cheval Bavard
Venue :Islamic centre at Ong Tan Swee Road not far for Swinburne University
Good parking.
All are welcome

Olivier Schneider
Stage Director and Actor for Le Cheval Bavard

Horses are a key to the relationship between men and nature.
Horses are teaching us how we may still comprehend our nature.
As an artist, how can horses, and animals on stages, 
be real actors, and not just props? 
What is human influence on horse, or horse influence on humans?
What about the feelings and subtle interactions that animals reveal?

Le Cheval Bavard experienced last summer what's happening when
horses are considered as artists: painters, dancers, musicians
and what they may teach us as such.
We invited human artists to meet the equine artists.
This was an artistic success, and a human experience.
Without words, a relationship is possible 
between men and consenting animals, 
in the same way as between men themselves.
As we, humans, may be in the last steps of an irreversible  
transformation of our environmental surroundings,
how can we keep our common sense and our links with nature, which
are the bases of our inner balance?

Photographs and videos of our work with horses
in remote French countryside will be displayed

Speaker's background:

Olivier Schneider holds a Master of Stage Direction
from Université de Nanterre, and a Master of History
from Université Denis Diderot, Paris.
He directs Le Cheval Bavard's shows since 2008, worked
for Comédie Française as Dramaturgist (literary advisor), and directs the stage company Theorema since 2002.

He is also a play writer and a poet.

He contributed for Cassandre/Hors-Champs,
Le Journal de Théâtre Ouvert, & Regards.

E CHEVAL BAVARD ("The Talkative Horse Theatre")

Based in the village of Bioussac in Charente (west of France)
Le Cheval Bavard is the home for 15 horses from all European origins
(most of them are stallions), 
all are trained for artistic shows or for their own
means or desires. 
All takes place inside a bio farm, in a very rural place of France.

Since 2008, Olivier Schneider is directing the shows,
and acting with horses.

2008, Chinoock
2009, Des Mots et des Chevaux 
(in a Greek theatre for an audience of more than 3000 people)
2010, Un Songe 
(free adaptation of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream)
2011, les Folies-Cheval 
(with world's famous dancers Wilfride Piollet & Jean Guizerix)

Map to venue:
Islamic Information Centre 

KCLD, Jalan Ong Tiang Swee, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. 

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