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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Featuring "A friendship with birds" by Amar

Those of us who work closely with children will know Amar (Dato' Dr. Amar-Singh HSS), who is a senior consultant Paediatrician with the Ministry of Health and Head of the Paediatric department at Ipoh Hospital. His passion for children is infectious for those around him. Little known to us, he is also a passionate birder. He took me out for my first birding trip in Ipoh, and seeing hundreds of egrets and herons like chinese paintings was not something to be forgotten easily. That outing has slowed down my pace whenever I go on my solitude hikes, and start to appreciate all the little beautiful creations in nature.
Amar gave me his copy of "A friendship with birds" last year. As he told me himself, this book is not meant to be a field guide, but it is fully illustrated, which is a delight to a beginner like myself. I love the story how he and Im (Amar's wife) rescued the baby Pied Fantail. The illustration of a family tree of a bubul family showed the close relationship of the couple and their garden birds.
The bird species are described in five chapters: ten commonest bird in our garden, the less common ones, the occasional ones flew across, other common birds in town, and unusual visitors. All these are described in a chatty way, which makes it an interesting read.
For those interested in getting a copy, we will be selling them at MNS booth during our upcoming Borneo Highland Birdrace 9-10 Oct.

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