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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Raptor Watch Trip to Chumphon, Thailand 15-20 Oct (Fri-Wed) Only for MNS registered members from Kuching

Dear Member,

Members from MNS have been going to Chumphon in Thailand in October every year to observe the tens of thousands of raptors flying in from the northern hemisphere.  The organizers have kindly extended an invitation to the Kuching Branch this year to participate in this event.  Please find attached the itinerary.

Thank you.

Cheong Ah Kwan

Raptor Watch Trip to Chumphon, Thailand
15-20 Oct (Fri-Wed)

Thailand serves as a crucial land bridge for connecting raptors breeding in the northern hemisphere with over-wintering areas in the south such as Malaysia and to the Far East.

Radar Hill and Pencil Hill, near Chumphon, are two of the best spots in Thailand to observe raptors in migration, offering views at or near eye-level; raptors are often seen passing below the watch sites as well.

Participants will take a night train on 15th Oct from KL to Hat Yai where they will take a connecting van to Chumphon. Return will be by overnight train from Chumphon to Hat Yai then express bus back to KL.

Cost: RM500 includes all land transportation (including local transport from hotel to raptor sites) and accommodation from Kuala Lumpur to Chumphon (meals not included).

Booking on first-come-first-served basis with full payment. Contact Lee Oon Teik at 017 889 7510 or email oonteik@yahoo.com. Payments by cheque to be made out to Lee Oon Teik or direct debit to Mr Lee’s RHB Bank a/c number: 11240 6000 21875. No refund for cancellations by participants. Pre-trip meeting on Thursday, 7th Oct at 8 pm at MNS HQ Auditorium.

Additional information for those coming from Kuching

Suggest that you choose a flight that brings you to LCCT/KLIA during the daytime, any time that gives you enough time to make your way from LCCT/KLIA to Sentral Station where we board a night train at 10.00pm on 15th October  for Hadyai. This way you do not have to stay an extra night in KL and incur extra costs.

Bear in mind that on 20th oct, you arrive in KL approximately 7.00pm or slightly later. Again, you might try to book a late flight from LCCT/KLIA to Kuching, again to save hotel cost.

Please make decisions early and make payment to Lee Oon Teik, the trip leader. Bookings  of place  for the trip are on first come first served basis.

Chumphon  15th-20th October 2010:  Itinerary

Friday, 15th October 2010
2100hrs     -  KL Central to catch Langkawi Express to Haadyai
2130hrs     -  Train departs

Saturday, 16th October 2010
0900hrs     -  Disembark at Padang Besar for Malaysian and Thai
                      Immigration formalities.  45-minutes break while train being shunted.
                      Breakfast at railway station canteen on 1st floor
0945hrs     -   Train departs for Haadyai (Adjust watches to Thai time 1 hr behind  M’sian time. All time used from now will be local Thai time)
1030hrs     -   Arrive in Haadyai. Wash-up at railway station before early lunch. Walk to Angel Travel to wait for vans going to Chumphon. Have early lunch
1200 noon -  Depart Haadyai – Comfort stop and coffee/tea break on the way
2000hrs     -  Check into Morakot Hotel (Twin-sharing, air-conditioned with hot water)
                      Tel: 00 66 77 503-629/503-632
Evening     -  To  night market for dinner. Free and easy.

Sunday, 17th October 2010 (Radar Hill - Khao Radar)
0700hrs     -  Depart for Radar Hill. At “Khao Po” rest & service area: breakfast ( buy drinking water to bring up to Radar Hill)
0830- noon - Raptor watch at Radar Hill
1230hrs      - Lunch at Khao Po
1330 -1700 -  Continue with raptor watch
1700hrs     -  Early dinner at Khao Po and return to Morakot Hotel, Chumphon
Evening     -  Free and easy at night market

Monday, 18th October 2010 (Pencil Hill - Khao Dinsaw)
Morning    -  Breakfast around Chumphon
0800hrs     -  Depart for Pencil Hill. Bring own lunch & water. No transport till 1700hrs.
0900-1630 -  Raptor watch at Pencil Hill
1700hrs     -  Return to Morakot Hotel.
Evening    -   Dinner at night market

Tuesday, 19th October 2010 (Chumphon)
Morning     -  Breakfast in Chumphon
0830hrs      -  Depart for birding at King’s project at Nong Yai (Big Pond)
Noon          -  Lunch in Chumphon
1330hrs      -  Proceed to Thai Raptor Watch site in Uthapao
1500hrs      -  Return to Morakot Hotel:  early dinner
2030hrs      -  Check out of Morakot Hotel and walk to the railway station
2130hrs      -   Train departs for Haadyai

Wednesday, 20th October 2010
0700hrs      -  Train arrives at Haadyai station. Wash-up at station. Walk to Angel Travel and leave bag and passport for Thai border formalities. Breakfast in Haadyai and be back at Angel Travel before 1000hrs. Each passenger will be given a bottle of drinking water and mini towel.
1000hrs      -  Depart for Thai/M’sian border
1200 (Msian Time) – Thai immigration formalities then M’sian. All bags must be taken down for M’sian immigration and customs formalities
1300hrs         -  Lunch at Changloon
1900hrs         -  Arrival at Bukit Jalil bus

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