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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Totally Protected Areas in Sarawak"

STA will be organizing a STA Tea Talk. Details as follow :

Topic : Totally Protected Areas in Sarawak
Speaker : Mr Ngui Siew Kong, Senior Assistant Director,
Nature Conservation and Constitution Division
Date : Saturday, 28 November 2009

Venue : Wisma STA, Level 12, Kuching
Time : 9.30 ~ 10.00 am (Registration), 10.00 ~
11.30am (STA Tea Talk plus light Refreshment)

Totally Protected Area (TPA) is a term reserved for national park, nature
reserve and wildlife sanctuary. The talk will explain the definitions of
different categories of Totally Protected Areas and the criteria for
establishing them. The talk will also touch on the current status of the
constitution of TPAs, management objectives, threats as well as the present
and future actions to be undertaken by the authorities. You are invited to
come and attend this Talk to know more about protected areas.

Entrance is free. However, due to logistics, entrance will be restricted to
only those who have registered. To register, kindly call STA at 082-332 222
latest by Wednesday, 25 November 2009.

Thank you.
Have a nice day !
STA Secretariat Kuching
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