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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Talk: Southeast Asia and migratory birds – how can we better conserve them?

Dear members and friends,

You are invited to a public awareness Talk.

Southeast Asia and migratory birds – how can we better conserve them?

Yong Ding Li (Author of 125 Best Birdwatching Sites in South East Asia will be launched in August 2018)
Date: Friday 29 June 2018

Time: 7.30-9.00pm

Venue: Islamic Information Centre (Lower Baruk)

Jalan Ong Tiang Swee (behind Swinburne University)

Registration: MNSKB Members and friends,
 please register with Secretariat at mnskuching@gmail.com

Cost: Free Admission
Please bring your friends to this interesting talk.

Southeast Asia and migratory birds – how can we better conserve them?

Southeast Asia is a region steeped in exceptionally high levels of biodiversity, including charismatic animals ranging from the Orang Utan to the hornbills. Less known to people many are the migratory birds. Many of these migratory birds arrive in the region every year from August onward, adding colours and live to forests, coasts and even many of the paddyfields that dot the region. Many of these birds, including hawks, shorebirds and flycatchers would have travelled many thousands of kilometres to get here. In this talk, Yong Ding Li will talk about the phenomenon of bird migration in Southeast Asia, with a special focus on Borneo. Besides the science, Ding Li will also present on the threats faced by migratory birds, some of the work led by BirdLife to conserve migratory species, and why migratory birds creates new opportunities for wildlife conservation and ecotourism in Sarawak. 

About the speaker
Yong Ding Li oversees migratory bird conservation work at BirdLife International’s Asia regional office. Through this role, Ding Li works closely with the Malaysian Nature Society and other BirdLife partners on bird conservation projects, particularly that on shorebirds.
Before completing his doctoral work on conservation biology at the Australian National University, Ding Li was involved in a number of bird research and conservation projects in Malaysia (Terengganu, Sabah), Indonesia (Sumatra, Sulawesi), the Philippines (Mindanao) and Singapore. He is author of four books, including the upcoming ‘Best 125 Birdwatching Sites in Southeast Asia’ and 40 peer-reviewed papers.

MNSKB  Secretariat 

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