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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Dear nature lovers,

Marine litter is one of the most pervasive issues currently facing our rivers, lakes, beaches, and the ocean, from the quality of our drinking water to the health of our communities, to the hazards imposed on our wildlife and even our economy. Therefore, MNSKB has taken on the challenging quest to make a change, and has established a project called Trash2Gather. 

Trash2Gather is a project under Malaysian Nature Society Kuching Branch (MNSKB) with the vision to reduce the amount of rubbish present in our estuarine waterways in South Western Sarawak within a period of 5 years.

The project aims to mobilize between 700 – 1500 community members and volunteers to clean beaches and estuarine areas by 2022.
Besides the cleaning of beaches and estuarine areas, other activities such as talks and campaigns will create awareness about the amount of rubbish present in our estuarine waterways and the consequences of such pollution among the communities and the general public.
Ultimately the project also targets to reduce the amount of rubbish produced through the 5Rs: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Refuse – Repair.

 Organize regularly repeating clean-up events in selected areas to reduce the current state of pollution
 Collaborate with issue-related organizations and government departments to find long-term solutions to rubbish collection problems in selected areas
 Promote the 5 R’s (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Refuse – Repair) by demonstrating examples and encouragement through incentives
 Monitor developments and provide feedback

In order to ensure this project is a success, we would like to call MNSKB members to show your commitment to protect our natural resources and support the Trash2Gather project. Support can be cash donations, cleaning materials and tools, or volunteering hands-on during clean-up events.

Here are the details for the first clean-up event to kick-start the 5 year project:

Program Name: Trash2Gather
Date: 20th May, 2017
Venue: Kampong Bako
Number of Pax: Estimated 50 pax

If you are interested to donate, join the team or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Trash2Gather@gmail.com or call our project facilitators Alcila Abby (+6014 6881301) or Nicki Neuner (+6019 8550375).

You can also register online by following this link:

Thanks & regards from the Trash2Gather team!
Love Life Love Nature

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