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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bird Watching in Sarawak talk

Dear Members and friends,

You are invited to a Talk.

Title:         Bird Watching in Sarawak
Speaker:   Mr Yeo Siew Teck

Date:        Sunday 9 April 2017
Time:        7.00pm
Venue:      Islamic Information Centre
                 Jalan Ong Tiang Swee (behind Swinburne University)

Registration:  MNSKB Members, please register with Secretariat at 

Cost:    Free of Charge.  You may walk in and bring your friends.

Bird Watching in Sarawak
A big part  of Borneo’s 650 bird species have been recorded in Sarawak, including most of Borneo’s endemics such as the Bornean Bristlehead, Blue-banded Pitta and Black Oriole.  Sarawak has the highest number of national parks and nature reserves in Malaysia, with over 600,000 ha of totally protected areas. From lowlands and shorelines to cold mossy forests at the  highlands such as Ba’kelalan, Payeh Maga and Bario Highlands to the very important  coasts of Bako-Buntal Bay, where shorebirds come annually.
Yeo Siew Teck is a long-time member of MNS Kuching Branch.  He first got interested in birding through MNSKB and has not stopped since.  He is with Cat City Holidays Sdn Bhd and is one of the few tour operators that sells birding tours in Sarawak.  
Through his experience in bird-guiding, birding tours overseas, he continues to gain birding expertise, especially in imitating bird calls.  He represented the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture,  Sarawak several times in promoting birding tourism overseas, and continues to do so. Siew Teck has often been invited to give talks at  tourism-related workshops.
Come along to find out about the beautiful birds in our forests, and why we should protect the habitats where they live. You will be thrilled to bits by the beauty of these birds.  You  might be converted to a birder one day, and help to protect the environment and the birds. 

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