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Thursday, May 8, 2014


The Malaysian Nature Society Kuching Branch is pleased to have Dr. Toru Yamazaki, a world renowned raptor researcher, to present a talk on “Asian Raptors and Their Migration”.

The talk will take place at Abell Hotel, Kuching on 8th June 2014 (Sunday) at 5.30pm.

As the current President of the most important raptor conservation organization in Asia – Asian Raptor research and Conservation Network (ARRCN), Dr Toru Yamazaki will share with us his knowledge and conservation experience of Raptors in Asia. 

He will introduce the results of collaborative surveys of raptor migration carried out in 2012 and 2013.

Raptors or more commonly known locally as eagles, are ones of the most majestic and fascinating birds.  In Sarawak we are fortunate to have over 28 species of Raptors.  

Seating on top of the food chain, raptors population and their health are the most important indicator of the health of our environment. 

In this talk Dr. Taro will share with us his passion on raptors and the conservation work he has carried out in Asia under ARRCN.

This talk, which geared towards general public, is most suitable for nature lovers, students, as well as government agencies & wildlife policy makers.  Why not make a date with one of the most important experts in raptor conservation in Asia.

Admission to the talk is FREE.  Email: mnskuching@gmail.com

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