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Monday, May 27, 2013

June 2013 newsletter

Dear Members,

Please be informed that the June 2013 newsletter is out.  You can download a copy from https://www.mns.my/file_dir/12580636051a2d1059f3eb.pdf

·         MNS calls for politicians to make a green stand
·         Green Living – Removing weeds the natural way
·         Clean indoor air air with plans
·         19 year old invents ocean cleanup array
·         All you want to know about TAPIRS
·         MNS Photography quarterly contest
·         June 2013 Calendar of Activities
·         Hornbill Conservation Project
·         MNS National AGM 2013 (http://www.mns.my/article.php?aid=2243&sc=1)
·         Branch Annual General Meetings 2013 (http://www.mns.my/article.php?aid=2246)
·         Selangor Branch AGM
·         Membership Matters

Leong Wee Chin
Membership Officer
Malaysian Nature Society

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