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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hans Breuer (right) posing with his young audience in this file photo
Make a date with Malaysia Nature Society Kuching Branch’s  very own expert in snake, Hans Breuer   this 26th April, 2013 (Friday) at UCSI University, Kuching at 7.30pm. 

Hans, a German expatriate, will be giving a 90-minute talk on snakes. 

The talk will cover general discussions with the audience about what snakes mean to them, what they mean to people in general and why they are important, what to do when one meets a wild snake, snake bite treatment, and natural history and biology of snakes.

During the talk, there will be a show and tell session by the speaker. 

Hans was previously based in Taiwan since 1989. Over the years, he has  accumulated quite a fair amount of knowledge about Taiwan's herpetofauna.

He speaks fluent Mandarin and has experienced in giving talks to primary and secondary-level children on Taiwan’s snakes and snake conservation.  

He believes in giving children a chance for a deeper understanding and appreciation of a highly fascinating, yet much-maligned class of animals, their role in the environment and their beauty.

As a rule, children do not fear snakes until adults teach them them to, so he tries to enlighten them before ophidiophobic relatives get a chance to ruin it forever for them.

Admission to the talk is free, please register with mnskuching@gmail.com

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