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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bird race on Sept 29 and 30 promises to be fun (Source: The Star)

KUCHING: Dust off those binoculars because the annual Sarawak Bird Race 2012 is about to take off.
Part of the Sarawak Nature Festival 2012, the highly anticipated bird rac...e promises nature lovers and bird watchers plenty of nature themed activities and fun.

Jointly organised by the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) together with Borneo Highlands Resort (BHR), the event aims to bring people closer to their natural surroundings besides promoting bird watching in the state.

First held in October 2008, the bird race consists of teams of two competing against each other in locating, identifying and recording as many species of birds as they can within a stipulated amount of time.

“This is a great chance for people to break out of the monotony of their daily lives, unwind and enjoy nature while bird watching,” said deputy state secretary Datuk Ose Murang.

“I remember joining the first ever bird race more than four years ago, where I first saw the blue-banded Pita, a curious little bird with vividly coloured feathers. It goes to show the many species of birds we have in Sarawak alone. Some even perched in our backyards without us knowing,” he said.

Members of MNS have been going up to Borneo Highlands to conduct bird surveys since the late 1990s, recording some 120 species in the past. The bird race has since added new species to that list, totalling over 200 species last year.

Come Sept 29, the bird race will return for the fifth year running with the tagline “Because Birds are Important”.

The race will take place on Sept 29 and 30 at Borneo Highlands Resort.

There will also be many interesting side events at the resort for all to enjoy, such as nature talks, day and night nature walks, junior nature activities, mini bird race for the children and an exhibition on bird photography.

Those interested in finding out more can visit http://www.birdrace2012.borneohighlands.com.my/ or www.facebook.com/sarawakbirdrace.

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