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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Talk on Raptors in Japan by Professor Yamazaki

Dear MNS members and nature loving friends:

Please find an invitation to attend an interesting talk on Raptors in Japan. Professor Yamazaki has dedicated his life to the research of the Golden Eagle and the Mountain Hawk-Eagle in Japan. He is enthusiastic and wants to spread his story around so we can all follow his advice. 
Venue at USCI hall at 7:30pm 22 November.See map direction below.

  • Please register attendance by Monday 21 November (for the setting up of the room.)to mnskuching@gmail.com or through our FB page or Blog.


Your sincerely 

Direction to UCSI. Don't drive over the flyover but around it since its before the Shell station coming from the Airport.
Talk is at 1st floor and please be on time!.

See you  there!


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