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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Invitation on talk

Dear all,
On behalf of the Director of Institute of Biodiversity & Environmental Conservation (IBEC) Unimas, we wish to invite you to attend IBEC Talks as follows:

Date  : 11 February 2011 (Friday) 
Time  : 3:00 - 4:30pm
Place :  TR4
Title:  (i) The distribution and uses of understorey plants in Mount Singai, Bau, Sarawak by Ms.  Joanna
  (ii) Distribution of fruit trees at different elevations at Mount Singai, Bau, Sarawak by Ms. Louisa
 Your participation is highly appreciated.
 (*Kindly e-mail me of your attendance to the above talks) smeri@frst.unimas.my
 Thank you.
 for and on behalf of IBEC's Director
 Meri Bt. Sabas

Directions to venue from the main entrance of the UNIMAS campus: 
After you enter the main gate at UNIMAS, you will see the golf course on your left. Follow the road to the 1st roundabout and take the left turn until you reach another roundabout. There, take the left turn until you reach the 3rdroundabout, then take the right turn towards the huge  building (=FRST). Note: the golf course is always on the left all the way to the 3rd roundabout.

The indoor lecture at Unimas will be at TR4, FRST building, ground floor,
next to the lobby.

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