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Saturday, June 26, 2010

In Focus: Henry Goh, MNS Member Peninsular Malaysia

Henry Goh is a senior company executive by profession. Out of wanting to de-stress from the corporate life style he 'discovered' birding and the great outdoors to be the panaceas which created a balanced Ying & Yang. Henry was first introduced to birding when he tagged along with a close friend in one of the birding trips. He was immediately 'hooked' and since then have pursued this new hobby with great vigor and passion. The avian photos offered many hours of enjoyment and doubled up as a natural tranquiliser.

Some of Henry's photos has been featured in a new bird book entitled " Khazanah Burung Bukit Fraser"; the first bird book to be published in Bahasa Malaysia. The book was launched during the recently completed Fraser's Hill International Bird Race. 

                                                       Crested Goshawk (Juvenile)
This slide show is meant for sharing with similar minded birders and bird conservation supporters who share the same love for our avian friends worldwide. Henry is a member of MNS Selangor Branch which coined the tagline: 'Birds Come First.'

More photos and videos could be viewed in Henry's Blog in Blogspot and his Flickr page.

http://henrygoh18.blogspot.com/ or

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