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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A resounding ‘Best /10 january 2010

FOR THE FUTURE: The group helps with tree planting.

By:Trefoil Guild Girl Guides (Sarawak Branch)
FIFTEEN pupils and six teachers from Sekolah Pendidikan Khas (B), Jalan Batu Lintang, joined members of the Trefoil Guild Girl Guides (TGGG) Sarawak Branch and Sama Jaya Nature Reserve staff for a ‘Feel Smell Hear Nature Walk and Tree Planting’ at the reserve at the end of last year.

The pupils were divided into three groups — the Orang Utans, the Gibbons (Wak Waks) and the Hornbills — and learnt how to make the appropriate calls, and some actions, as well as about the habitats and characteristics of these animals and birds.
As they entered the jungle from the hot car park, the pupils were asked how we knew we were in the jungle ... even those of us with sight had to stop and think. It is because the atmosphere around us suddenly became cooler, wetter and noisier. The chorus of cicadas welcomed the pupils on the jungle track as they began their walk through nature.

GREAT TIME: All the children had the best time during the outing.
They were asked to touch and explore the different textures of the leaves — asked whether it felt smooth or ridged or furry. Was the leaf big or small, fat and thick or thin? They hugged a tree to see how big it had grown and put their hands on the moss on the ground to feel how soft and moist it was. They crushed some of the leaves the Park Warden gave them to differentiate between the minty fragrances of some leaves and the peppery or citrus smells of others. The pupils were told to be wary of the prickles of the very long pandan leaves, and were taught the many uses of the pandan in mat and basket weaving as well as for the flavouring of ice cream!
We heard the monkeys calling and heard them crashing through the tree branches as they played and searched for food. Later we all played games in the Baruk before adjourning to plant trees. Saplings of real forest trees (Meranti, Pitoh Air and Raba) were ready and as part of the TGGG Eco Programme, the pupils, teachers and TGGG members were shown the proper way to plant a young tree and went ahead to plant and water in all 30 saplings. This will make a real difference to the Nature Reserve, which has lost a lot of trees through wind- throw.
The day’s activities ended with a picnic meal of cakes, and apples, sandwiches and chicken. When asked if the pupils would like to visit the Sama Jaya Nature Reserve again, they all replied in the affirmative.When asked what they thought of the day’s outing, the answer was a resounding, ‘Best!’

Grateful thanks go to:The staff and pupils of

  • Sekolah Khas (B) Jalan Batu Lintang for the great time and memories you gave us all;
  • The Park Warden of Sama Jaya Nature Reserve and his staff for their wonderful people / park skills and getting the planting holes ready for us;
  • Trefoil Guild Girl Guides (TGGG) Sarawak Branch members, who organised the event under their Eco Programme, enjoyed every bit of being with our Sekolah Khas friends and sponsored and served a delicious lunch.
TGGG Sarawak Branch was established in 2002 to allow former Girl Guides to continue to be actively involved in the Guiding movement and to carry on the Guiding spirit. It is in this community spirit that TGGG assists various organisations each year.

                                                         INTERESTING: Pupils study the texture of a leaf.

DON’T BE SCARED: A nature reserve staff member helps a pupil to feel a tree trunk.

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